Hire the Best Marketer in India

Basically, I am a Digital Marketer (Google Adwords Certified Digital Marketing Professional) and a Conversion Optimization specialist from Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu. I help companies to grow their business. Not achieving your desired sales goals? Need more customers? or Need to outrank your competitor? If you’re seeking a person to lead your marketing team and to optimize all of your marketing campaigns then reach me by writing an email. Your goal of hiring the Best Digital Marketer in India ends here. I accept challenges where the business competition level is really highHire the Best Marketer in India

Are you facing challenges at that level? Then I’ve got your Back.

Here are the few ways you can choose to utilize my skills to grow your business. I’m not a Digital Marketing Agency who shows just reports of expenses. I drive real customers and help you to grow your business.

What Support do you need from me?

  1. One Time Phone Consultation
  2. White Label Marketing Support
  3. Identify Marketing Cheaters

One Time Phone Consultation

Get premium phone consultation with me for 30 minutes. You can ask me about anything related to Marketing starts with SEO, SEM, Display Ads, Social media marketing, Sales funnel optimization, Process Improvement, Team management etc.

This is suitable for companies who already have a Digital Marketing team and requires clarification on a particular marketing channel.

White Label Marketing Support

I will set up a Digital Marketing Team for your company or I will scrutinize the current process, identify the loopholes and help you to strengthen the campaign. This requires minimum 3 months to 1 year of my presence at your company.  I will deploy my marketing strategies, construct strong sales funnel and hand over the team. You will also get an opportunity to enjoy my consultation for a period of 6 months after the campaign hand over for no additional cost.

Identify Marketing Cheaters

Are you confident that your marketing team has the best digital marketers or If you feel your digital marketing agency is trying to cheat you? Then rope me in, I will assist you in scrutinizing their work performance. If their performance is average, I will share my basic feedback to improve your campaign. If I found they are cheating you then I will produce the required proof and advice you to take steps accordingly.

Contact me if you want to Hire the Best Marketer in India, Explain me about your business goals for a premium advice by writing an email to [email protected]. I will revert back if your objectives are broader and challenging.

Get Advantage:

By opting me as your marketing strategist you get an access to explore the complete strength of me and my team for your business. I not only devise strategies but optimize your sales funnel for getting more conversions which no marketing company will give. (i.e. Guaranteed results)

You get access to

  1. Digital Marketing (Global coverage)
  2. Competitor Analysis
  3. Business Forecast
  4. Brand Development
  5. Sales Funnel and conversion optimization
  6. Website Designing (Landing Page Optimization)
  7. Website Development (Application development/Assessment/Lead Magnets)

Do I charge you?

If you want a short answer then Yes and if you want a long answer then “No”.

Reach me if you want to Hire the Best Marketer in India. I will assist you to make money, and I’m not going to cost you anything as I’m not a marketing agency and I’m not working for any marketing company. For an example, if you pay me $1000/month and let us say I bring profit worth $5000/month, they are not only free, but I have created $4000/month as an additional profit for you. I will be one of the best investments you make, and my approaches are white label as you can directly track the results and know your ROI.