Common Link Building Mistakes to Avoid

Common Link Building Mistakes to Avoid

link building mistakes to avoid

Link building is the toughest but interesting segment of SEO. Companies hire SEO Specialist to do only link building as it is a time-consuming process. Let me tell you the most common link building mistakes to avoid while doing offsite SEO.

Link Building Mistake No 1

People are lazy. The easier link building target is directory submission. It might be either business directory or article directory or getting links through classified ads.’

Imagine why Google needs to improve your rank if you are linking to a website where there is an open opportunity for your competitors to rank. Recently, I interviewed an SEO executive for one of my clients who hired me as their digital marketing consultant.

He has an experience of 4 years in SEO. I asked him about the methods he uses to do link building. All he said was articles/business directory submission and classified ads. I understand this is what everyone (90% of SEO professionals) do. So I’m highlighting this as the first common link building mistakes.

Link Building Mistake No 2

Following the backlinks of the pages that rank high in Search engines got the second spot in the common link building mistakes to avoid. This typical strategy is followed by most of the SEO professionals. Remember Google does not say that it ranked website A as it got a backlink in website Z. So if you get your backlink on website z,  you will get rank as same as website A. Backlinks are just a sign of rank metrics and it is not the only ranking factor.

Link Building Mistake No 3

Posting links on Social Media is a good strategy. But people are more likely to create spammy actions. Posting links on irrelevant pages on Facebook will not do good. User experience is important. Create your own brand page and promote your links, make sure it is quite informative so that it goes viral. Just throwing up your links across many pages or groups will not work out.

Link Building Mistake No 4

Still, many people post their website links in the comment area of the blog article to build backlinks. It is one of the easiest ways to build links similar to article submission or directory submission. This link building method will not support you as most of the website creates the no-follow link. No-Follow links will not give you SEO boost instead it can drive traffic to your website.

These are the common link building mistakes to avoid while starting a link building campaign for your website.

How to begin Link Building in an ethical way

Remember link building is not the only ranking signal. Make sure your pages are optimised well w.r.t. onsite SEO factors. There are many ways to create backlinks.

  1. Create HQ images or infographics which will be shared or used by many people on different platforms. You can track who is using your assets with the help of Google and you can demand them a credit by linking to your site.
  2. Do networking. Networking is the best way to get high authority backlinks because the chances of your competitor getting backlinks from the site you got will be difficult.
  3. Use the broken link strategy. It will help the website owner to create a good user experience for his visitors and at the same time, you get a backlink easily.

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