What you get out of Google Analytics Report [Does it help you?]

What you get out of Google Analytics Report?

Every marketer uses Google Analytics. Do you really understand what Google Analytics Report gives you back?  99% of Marketers do not go beyond Google Analytics and they always remain as a normal marketer, doing regular kinds of stuff in an average Digital Marketing Agency. Real marketers rely more on Qualitative Data not Quantitative which you get from Google Analytics. If you want to grow your business or if you want to become an ethical marketer then you should understand the Plus and Minus of Google Analytics. This post will help you to understand “What you get out of Google Analytics Report“.

According to me, there is no fixed or one-stop solution (including paid tools) we can rely on. We have to use multiple platforms, gather data and consider the results which are overlapping. Now lets read what you get out of Google Analytics Report.

Positive Points about Google Analytics

The Best Reporting System

What you get out of Google Analytics Report

The first positive point about Google Analytics is “Its Free”. You can easily export the reports as per your custom format. Preparing your website traffic report becomes automatized with Google Analytics. You can create your custom reports by reaching “Customization” are and then click “+ New Custom Report”. You can name the report title and add columns you want to analyze.

Evaluate User Friendliness

Somehow, Google Analytics seems to be an accurate tool to measure the visitor’s bounce rate. Higher the bounce rate results in lower conversions. If you have a higher bounce rate then obviously you need to work on optimizing your website content or website layout to ensure the user is able to understand what is featured on your website.

Other Qualitative Data

We get the demographics of the user, viz. Age, Gender, Interest, Device and Location. We can understand what type of audience are converting well. Secondly, we can concentrating on optimizing the pricing/features which could attract the rest of the people who aren’t converting well or we can show more ads to people who are likely to convert.

What Google Analytics Report not showing you?

It gives quantitative data, but this is not enough to take a solid change. The bounce rate tells that for a particular page, the visitors are exiting in few seconds. But the Google Analytics report will not show us the real reason behind the mass exit of visitors. It might be due to confusion in call to action buttons or mobile friendly design or there are chances that the page might be broken. Google Analytics can show you what pages are popular and what pages sucks. However, we may not know the real reason why the page become popular/why it sucks. 

I use tools like statcounter, Mouse Flow and Tawk.to to understand the qualitative data. StatCounter helps me in understanding the navigation path of each visitor and tawk.to helps me in understanding the real time visit data (Also, the Best Live Chat Bot on the planet). The wonderful tool beyond Google Analytics is Mouse Flow. It shows a video representation of how the actual mouse pointer of a visitor navigated within a page. Awesome right! 

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I hope this article helped you in understanding about “What you get out of Google Analytics Report”. Please comment below if you have any questions related to this topic. I love to hear your views.

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