What is happening at Tuticorin (Thoothukudi)? [Sterlite Protest Updates]

What is happening at Tuticorin (Thoothukudi)?

What is happening at Tuticorin now. What is the current status of the people at Tuticorin? Let us seeĀ Anti-Sterlite protests highlights.

sterlite protest status

On 22nd May 2018

  • Ethical Protest was projected as a riot
  • 11 Civilians Shot Dead by Police
  • 144 Imposed

The peaceful protest was disturbed by the policemen and agitation started between the public and police. Later, we could see video footage on social media where the public was attacking the policemen and policemen shot 11 people. I believe this is the first event in Independent India where its own citizens are killed by the then guards. Violence is not a solution and all we need is a speedy resolution to our request and not gunshots.

On 23rd May 2018

  • 144 rule extended till 25th May 2018
  • 1 person was shot dead

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  • No civilian can roam freely on streets
  • Central Forces Landed to take control of the City
  • Common Civilians was afraid of Police (Click here for video proof)
  • Tuticorin SP and Collector got Transferred
  • Fake News spread by Indian Media projecting Public as bad
  • New Channel Access banned for Tuticorin, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari District

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  • Internet Access was blocked which marked the end of Genuine News

What is happening at Tuticorin

Comment below if you know what is happening at Tuticorin now. Share the latest updates related to Tuticorin Sterlite Protest. Lets spread news which is reliable.

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