Why Content on your website is so important

Why Content on your Website is so important

There are thousands of reasons available to talk about “Why content on your website is so important“. In this post, I’m going to explain to you why the content is important when it comes to a business website using simple examples.

90% of the articles/blogs (including mine) on the internet got fueled by PPC monetization program and the money we earn is directly proportional to the amount traffic they attract. So the formula is very simple, in order to gain more traffic we need higher rankings on Search Engines. Nowadays, Search Engines are intelligent and no one can manipulate using “Black Hat/Spammy Technique” The only way to gain the trust of Search Engines is through quality content and ethical backlink building.

Why content on your website is so important

why content on your website is so important

To be honest, website content is similar to farming. Here you reap what you invest. Lots of people spent thousands of dollars on designing their website. People think an attractive website alone could convert their website visitors into their customers. Many prefer not to have more text content as they love using visual elements or graphical content on their website. Many visually appealing websites failed to bring organic traffic due to lack of content. A website is just a platform where the actual king is the content. We should have a convincing content which should create an interest among the readers about our products/services. We should build the content both for human and search engine. This is the trade secret and now I believe you got the answer for Why content on your website is so important.

Our main focus should be in creating an informative content (Text+Graphical+Video) which should be human-friendly and at the same time, we should optimize it for search engines by including all necessary tags.

Another common mistake people do often is not linking their own pages. This is one of the basic technique of SEO which will help your newly published pages to index faster. Have a good menu structure which is easily identifiable.

Secondly, stuffing keywords is a clear sign of over optimization. Include rich keywords on your website but make sure it looks natural while reading.

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Big companies spend a lot on creating new content on a regular basis as they know why content is important on a website. Website content allows your reader to read and understand the products or services you offer. Build more informative content along with the appropriate call to action buttons which will drive you the real sales.

In a nutshell, If your goal is to optimize a website for search intent keywords then concentrate more on creating high-quality text. If you want to drive real sales, then maintain a ratio between text and graphical content.

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