what not to do during a Tsunami [Evacuation Plan]

What not to do during a Tsunami?

what not to do during a tsunami

Tsunami is a deadly seismic wave generated due to earthquake under the ocean/sea. An Induced movement of ocean floor can create Tsunami. These large waves can reach the shore in few minutes once the impact happens. These waves can hit the shore in deadly velocities which could damage anything which comes in its way. If Tsunami accompanied by SEESHMA storm occurs before December 2017 as predicted by B.K. Research Association for E.S.P, then we should know how to react during a Tsunami or an earthquake. In this post, I’m going to let you know what not to do during a tsunami.

Tsunami Evacuation Plan

  1. Do not panic. Wait for the Tsunami warning notification from your Government.
  2. Do not wait for your pets to give a signal as there are induced earthquakes produced by human actions/which are not natural. Talk to everyone in your house regarding what to do during a Tsunami. Have an emergency kid always and check its validity before use. Sometimes expired ointments could harm us.
  3. If your kids are there in School, then try to reach school using shortcuts or through street roads as there are chances of heavy traffic on city roads/highways.
  4. Don’t rely on mobile phones/internet as there are chances that the network could be jammed. Use Radio’s where you can get reliable information about the current status.
  5. Sometimes we may not experience Tsunami even after a warning because initial warnings are based on the seismic information and accurate prediction such as impact is not possible.
  6. Do not go to beach or shore area to take photos or to pose selfies. You may not be there to see the photos you took. (Just for joke).
  7. Evacuate immediately, if you’re living near the seashore. In some cases, the flood has entered up to 3-5kms inland.
  8. Do not take an individual decision or to follow others decision blindly. Follow the evacuation order issued by your state/central government. Move to areas which are above the mean sea level.
  9. Don’t spend the time to save your possessions, try to save yourself.
  10. If you observed recession of water on the beach, then immediately vacate as this can be considered as the accurate warning for Tsunami.
  11. Ask help from local officials and locate the Tsunami relief center for getting basic support.

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