How to react during an Earthquake [Important Tips]

How to react during an Earthquake?

In my previous post, I wrote about the latest EarthQuake and Tsunami Alert in Indian Ocean Region before December 2017. Now in this post, I’m listing few important points which could help us to be prepared to face an Earthquake. How to react during an Earthquake

  1. If you ask me How to react during an Earthquake, then my first answer is to move away from buildings, streetlamps or poles, and electrical wires. Once you reach the open area, stay there until the shaking stops.
  2. If you aren’t able to move outside then try to cover yourself by going under tables/cot. Make sure you’re not below the ceiling fan or lighting. This is a very old idea but sometimes it may help you and remember there are chances that you may get stuck if the vibration is strong. So try having a mobile phone with you always which you can use to reach for help.
  3. If you trapped under debris, then use your cloth/handkerchief to close your mouth and nose as there are a lot of chances that you may inhale dust which could cause further suffocation. Breath slowly by covering with a cloth. Make a sound when you hear someone so that they could help you or try calling your friends and family if you have a mobile and if the network coverage is available.
  4. The greatest danger exists directly outside buildings, at exits, and alongside exterior walls. So try to pass those areas quicker.
  5. Do not use escalators and elevators if you’re in public places. The staircase is the safest option to exit the building.
  6. Always switch your cooking gas cylinders once cooking is complete.
  7. If you’re traveling on road during an earthquake, then immediately stop at a place far enough from buildings/poles etc. Strictly avoid using bridges during and after the earthquake as we cannot estimate its withstanding capacity.
  8. Dail 108 which is an emergency number where you can get help. (Only in India, others use 911 or other emergency numbers said by your government)
  9. Have an inverter and domestic battery to save power, so that you can use electricity for emergency purposes after the panic.
  10. Help others as they need your support.

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