Three Steps to Get Your Website on the First Page of Google in 2018

Three Steps to Get Your Website on the First Page of Google in 2018

Nowadays, SEO becomes very complicated. Google is evolving day by day. Each day it does 500+ changes to its algorithm. So what helps you to Get Your Website on the First Page of Google in 2018. I felt bored by reading hundreds of post on the internet showing plenty of ways to improve your search rankings. I lost many dollars by hiring people from Fiverr. Most of the SEO people in Fiverr are using black hat or spammy technique which could ruin the current position on Google. So how to improve my Google ranking? Should I need to pay for SEO course? It is up to you. There is no fixed technique as every website is unique and strategy changes from niche to niche. All you need to do is to follow the 3 step tutorial to get your new website on the first page of Google. These are the basics which are applicable for any website.

  1. 3 SEO Trends that going to work in 2018
  2. 5 Step Ranking Process
  3. Reverse Engineering (Searcher Task Accomplishment)

3 SEO Trends that going to work in 2018

  1. Mobile Optimization
  2. Local Search Stats
  3. As usual Backlinks

Mobile Optimization

Get Your Website on the First Page of Google in 2018

Recently, it is believed that Google’s algorithm has been changed to index pages to higher ranks based on its mobile compatibility. Optimize your website for mobile. Just click here to check whether your site is mobile friendly as per the Google.

As per the recent survey, search queries from mobile users is emerging at a high pace. Google works harder to give the best experience for its search user to retain its no 1 position. Even their search engine is the hub for Google to showcase all its products. Their complete business depends on which they cannot take a risk. In order to retain users, it has to offer them the accurate results, so the mobile-friendly sites will rank better.

If your site is not mobile friendly then you’re going to lose tons of traffic which will affect business for sure. So better hire a good website designer to revamp your website. You can read my previous post Step By Step Procedure to Select the Best Web Designing Company to get an idea.

Get Your Website on the First Page of Google

Local Search Status:

Most of the search queries in search engines are buyer indent queries. So Google displays a dedicated page for local business which is nearby the searcher. Let us see for an example

local business get higher rankings on google

When I type website designing company in Tuticorin on Google, I’m seeing a map and under that, I could see Anax Infotech. As a searcher, I got my requirement fulfilled by Google. Now as I need a website, I’ll contact them or visit them. At the same time, check the below image

local search paid ads

The company called Compton who is paying to Google Adwords for showing his ads at search results. So in order to gain this prominent placement advantage, register your business on google map as well as on Google Business. Click here to register your business for local searches. Apart from this, business directories may also help you to boost your traffic. Doing this step properly can Get Your Website on the First Page of Google easily at least locally where your business run.


Some people say that backlinks are dead. No, it is not so. Unfortunately, till this is the only way to get authority and this is going to continue ever. So if you want to Get Your Website on the First Page of Google then start working on acquiring backlinks. This is not the easiest task, but when time goes your website traffic will grow. Do not try to cheat yourself by using PBN (Private blogging network) technique which might ruin your site reputation and will light negative signals with respect to search rankings. Discover what are the links your competitor has by using or spyfy or ahrefs. Check out the site which is linking to you with the help of Search Console and begin the work. Now we’re at the end of the top 3 SEO trends which could help you to get your website on the first page of Google in 2018.

5 Step Ranking Process

  1. SEO Audit
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Mandatory Editing of Web Pages
  4. Get Backlinks
  5. Create More Pages

Step 1: SEO Audit

There are totally 8 points you have to consider while doing SEO audit. Google has changed its algorithm based on Searcher Task Accomplishment so it is vital to adapt to newer tactics at the same time by retaining few old and evergreen procedures to get your website on the first page of Google in 2018.

  1. Website Structure
  2. Website Load Speed
  3. Mobile Optimization
  4. Secure version of your website
  5. Domain Canonicalization
  6. Broken links
  7. Duplicate content
  8. Google My Business

Website Structure

This is a very basic procedure which is still missed by many companies. Have a separate product/services page for each and every product/service you’re offering. We can have a core page with proper navigation to all the inner pages.

Website Loading Speed

Those are days back when we’re using Dial-up connection where we see the status bar of Internet Explorer to load the website. By pixel by pixel, the images will be loaded. The days are gone, we’re in the 4G era and nobody is having the patience to wait. So if your page loads longer then you’ll not be listed at top rankings at Google. You can click here to check your website load speed. Also click here to check whether your website passes the usability test recommended by Google. If your website is taking longer time, then contact your website designer/developer to revamp your website to be faster.

Mobile Optimization

I’m repeating Mobile Optimization again here as this is the right time where you have to check whether your site is mobile friendly and highly responsive to different screens.

Secure Version of your Website

Google awards position based on many factors like content originality and quality, social signals, authority etc. Google will rank https version of website higher than the https version. If you don’t have https certification, then consider buying it. This may be not mandatory for sites which focus on research intent. If you’re offering some service/products and you target search intent keywords, then consider getting SSL certificate which could boost your ranking.

Domain Canonicalization

The rel=canonical element (canonical link), is an HTML element that helps webmasters prevent duplicate content issues. It does this by specifying the “canonical URL”, the “preferred” version of a web page. I use Squirrly SEO plugin which helps me to choose this and other important settings with ease.

squirrly seo for seo optimization

Broken Links

Leaving broken links is a sign of creating a bad user behavior. If you have changed your permalink setting recently, then you should redirect the link to the newer version. You can use to check the broken links count.

Duplicate Content within site

Check for possible duplication throughout your website. If you have 2 pages with similar content, then try to club them into one post as Google is going to index only one page.

Google My Business

As I said earlier, register your business at and gain the rankings for local search results.

That’s it. These are the 8 points we need to consider while doing SEO technical audit what you’ve to do to keep your site at Good standing in SEO point of view. You can also read my previous post on How I got 100 visitors a day from Google for getting an additional information.

Step 2: Keyword Research

Don’t do keyword research for SEO sake. User behavior is very important than stuffing keywords. Over usage of keywords could turn wrong against your existing rankings. Before starting your keyword research, you have to understand what type of keyword you need. There are 2 kinds of keywords.

  1. Research intent keyword
  2. Sales intent keyword

Research Intent keyword

Search queries which are focussed on research are called as research. Here your focus should be on gaining visitors.

Sales Intent Keyword

Search queries which are focussed on sales or conversion are called as Sales intent keyword.

Google can identify and penalize your web page if you seem to be doing keyword stuffing. After the recent update, the Google’s keyword planner cannot rely 100% on during an effective keyword research. Use the “related search” column at the bottom of search results page which is highly recommended to be included in your list as a long tail. Find relevant keywords, prioritize as per the search traffic and use Squirrly SEO to optimize for both human and for search engine bots. This plugin can be used for WordPress sites and it is free. However, there are a lot of premium features which you can get at monthly subscription rates. If you don’t have that plugin then try to write content focussed on user behavior. Assume you as a reader and check whether you’re content is creating interest or your content is making them feel bored. A highly engaging content is the king now for Google. A good content can bring your page to number 1 position on Google or Yahoo or Bing even without the help of backlinks.

Step 3: Mandatory Editing of Web Pages

Even though Google does no use Title tag, Meta description as a ranking signal still it is important. The details you gave will be shown as snippets in the search results. See the below image for an example.

meta tag and title tag importance in 2018

So in order to get a good CTR (click-through rate), you should optimize these tags for each and every page or post you publish on your website. Try writing content naturally and do not try to play smart with Google.

Step 4: Getting Backlinks

Email outreach and broken links are the best way to build backlinks. It is the toughest part to gain backlinks which determine our domain authority. Higher the domain authority increases the chances of getting higher ranks on Google.

Step 5: Create more pages

Writing one blog post and waiting for Google to index and rank the page higher is no longer going to help you. Write more post, create a post structure. Plan a pillar post which should be more than 2000 words. Create 5-10 inner post closely related to the pillar post. Finally, link all the posts. This way of blogging will definitely help you to drive more traffic from Google. Now we are the end of the 5 step process to Get Your Website on the First Page of Google.

Reverse Engineering: Searcher Task Accomplishment

SEO is not just getting links or high-quality content or mobile optimization now it becomes more complicated as we have to consider a newer factor which is called as Searcher Task Accomplishment. We have to adapt to this soon as this alone will save our rankings from all algorithm changes in future. The motto of Google is only one i.e. they want to show the relevant results to their search users.  So whatever we write, we need write with the same goal as the Google i.e. to give people exactly what they are looking for and this is called as “Searcher Task Accomplishment”.

Leave shortcuts, don’t dream of getting search ranking by buying links or by using black hat/gray hat methods. Now it is the time to look at the fundamentals. Before telling you how to understand and use Searcher Task Accomplishment, I need to tell something about Knowledge graph of Google.

When we search for any questions or terms in Google, it fetches the information in microseconds from its Knowledge Graph and renders us the information.  For an example, if you search for me in Google

Searcher Task Accomplishment knowledge graph

Then Google shows the complete information about me. It has 1190 results, but my website ranks at number one as this is the right place where the searcher could get the complete information.

Google is constantly improving its algorithm to match with the search intent of the searcher. As per the recent update, we know that Google will award mobile-friendly sites with higher ranks. So if you want to higher ranks then make sure your site is mobile friendly.

Google thinks as per the user behavior, as people are searching more on mobile we have to gear up for mobile-friendly devices.

You have to be an ethical SEO professional to rank your post higher on Google as Quality will be the prominent ranking factor in near future. You should read the post which is ranking at first on Google and you’ve to create a post better than that. If you’re sticking with old SEO tactics then you’re not going to be loved by Google. This is reverse engineering and here comes the importance of Searcher Task Accomplishment.

How Searcher Task Accomplishment Works?

Google knows the CTR and bounce rate of your page for the particular search term. So based on that the Searcher Task Accomplishment works. Google will award as ranks based on this concept. Your content has to help people to get answers to their questions.

How to create content with Searcher Task Accomplishment compliance?

If you’re creating good human-friendly content then you’re on the right track. Use infographics/picture which could help users to understand better. You can also embed youtube videos in your blog post which might help search users to retain for a long time. Follow the steps which I mentioned in this post, create long content with 2000+ words, make sure it is human and mobile friendly as well as try to get maximum backlinks as you can. Construct your web pages as per the structure what I said earlier. Write a pillar post and then write 5-10 inner posts which could add a related and additional resource to the pillar post. Consider Wikipedia as an example for best website structure.

Hope I covered all the relevant information regarding “How to Get Your Website on the First Page of Google in 2018 or forever” Comment below if you’re using any other techniques to create quality content which satisfies a searcher’s request. Share this post if you like. Thank you for reading my post, follow me on twitter for quick updates.

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