Which One Should You Use Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

Which One Should You Use Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads, which one to use for developing my business? You know the answer is simple, it depends on your business nature or goals.

Paid Social Media ads (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and paid search (Google Adwords and Bing Ads) has increased rapidly. Facebook is the single largest databank ever in the globe. In Google Adwords Display Advertising, we target users based on keywords and topics, but on Facebook, we can get a step further than that. Facebook has the complete user behavior and we’re gonna use that audience behavior to market our products. This precious data allow us to target audience based on a number of diverse characteristics. Another upper hand which Facebook Ads delivers is the social engagements. It itself encourages its users to interact with, comment on and share numerous types of interest based content. Hence our brand value increases and chances of sales are high over a definite period.

marketing on Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

Cost Metrics: Facebook Ads and Google Ads cost comparison

Facebook Ads have a lower CPC (cost per click) while comparing to Google AdWords, with the average CPC rarely costing more than ₹30. Typically, AdWords has higher conversion rate, but it is possible to regulate a decent conversion rate using Facebook, especially due to cheaper clicks. Facebook does not care about competition level of a particular business. All they need is a basic rate which we need to give them to explore their users based on the available targeting methods.

Easy to Use: Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

The Facebook and Google Adwords both are user-friendly but in terms of Customer support in India, Facebook does not have phone support while Google Adwords have Toll free phone support for Advertisers in India. I had a live chat with a Facebook executive and I feel they were lagging in terms of personalization. They don’t care about our business goals. They just assist us to create a campaign at a basic level. The conversation was very general (Like copy pasted conversation) and no improvement tips were given in terms of the campaign on the business perspective. Google clearly wins here by offering an excellent customer support which is an important factor. I spoke almost with all customer support executives who are in Bangalore. They are good.

Immediate Results: Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

If you’re expecting Return of investment immediately or in a short span, then go for Google Adwords Search Advertising and Bing Ads. Here we show ads to potential users who’re actively searching for their products hence we get immediate conversions. So, in this case, it is better to leave Facebook and go with Google Adwords.

Remarketing: Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

Like Google Adwords Remarketing Code, Facebook has Pixel which we have to install throughout our website. Remarketing can be done both platforms. What I recommend here is to use both for remarketing. Wherever your visitor goes you Ad follows. This creates an interest and familiarity about your brand and product.

In a nutshell, if you’re targeting a broader audience for branding purpose then use both Facebook and Google Display Ads. If you’re targeting very specific audience who will buy your product or service then choose Search engine marketing with Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

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