Step By Step Procedure to Select the Best Web Designing Company in India

How to Select the Best Web Designing Company in India

The website is an Identity for a company and it is an indispensable tool that every business should have for example like a Business card. Nowadays, digital Marketing is important for any kind of Business to acquire customers online. Without a Business Website, doing online marketing is impossible. As a result, web designing is now one of the mandatory processes which all business people had to cross.

In an average, people spent around 10000 for their basic static business website.  Here I’m going to tell you an easy way to find the best web designing company online who offer good service at affordable cost. 

Creating a Business website from a Brand which people trust is very important. So simply follow the below steps to search and select the best company to design your business website.

Step 1

Filter the company on their active status. Branded companies do marketing on search engines. The companies who’re spending on Search Engines will be serious in delivering quality results. All we need is a fantastic website so search in Google/Yahoo/Bing by typing “Best Web Designing Company in India” and check the first 3 results.  

best web designing company in india

Note down the list of URL and visit each and every website and follow the below steps to filter the best one.

Step 2

Now check whether the website has HttpsThis is very important because we may do payments online. Also, the data we send through their website (for Eg: Contact form) must be secure. As the company is offering website designing service, we have to check whether they themselves have a secure website. Please check the below image for an example. 

https for website designing company

Step 3

Check their Pricing. If the company does not show their pricing transparently then there are a lot of chances for them to charge you high. So avoid companies which do not disclose their pricing. I completely agree that Website designing is like an art. Usually, web designing companies charge up to 35000 for a website with 10-15+ static web pages or their charges go up as per the requirements (i.e. no of web pages). But we need to know what is their basic web designing charges. 90% of Business People do not require dynamic website/ website where web development required. Why pay high where our requirement is low. So check for their pricing to get an Idea.

Step 4

Do not contact a web designing company by considering cheap pricing. Check whether you can Register/Sign up for their services online from their website. As we are looking for a web designing service, we have to check whether they have automated/Self-serving solutions to address our queries. If they don’t have these features then it is a wise choice to leave them. 90% of web designing company lacks in delivering a quality site and after sales support. If we have user area, then we could track the order status, for an example, we can observe the assignment status like “in progress, expected date of project completion, Completed” etc. This gives us the freedom to check our website status 24X7 whenever we wish.

Step 5

It’s time to validate their customer support system. Check if they have

  1. Toll-free number
  2. Live Chat Support
  3. Valid physical

Companies who offer these support will maintain some Customer Support Policies and we can expect a friendly support from them as our conversations are documented or recorded. Having a Toll free number is an expensive thing for any company. So the companies which is very serious in delivering quality service alone will have Toll Free support and live chat support.

web designing companies in india

Even though validating physical is important, this cannot be verified at all time. I’m in Tuticorin if I’m browsing a website of a web designing company which is located in Chennai or Mumbai then how I can verify their physical presence. It is practically impossible. If we’re in the same location, then we can walk through and meet them to share our requirements else we have to rely on their phone/email support. So as discussed earlier, we can trust a web designing company which have Toll free phone and Live chat support.

Apart from the above steps, you can check their portfolios or templates what they created before which could give you an idea of whether to choose them or not. I Hope I have answered all of your questions regarding selecting the Best Web Designing Company in India or Abroad.

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