How to Identify and stop competitors clicking on AdWords ads Immediately

How to Identify and stop competitors clicking on AdWords ads Immediately

Identifying the Users who’re not relevant to our business goals is easy. Either they might be our competitors or there are few people who do this for fun. It is very important for an online marketer to do this. Google Adwords already doing its best in identifying the Invalid Clicks. But being a good marketer it is important to have good tools to identify the visitors who need to be blocked. I personally recommend using the following online free tools to block your competitors clicking on AdWords Ads/Bing Ads.

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Statcounter

Everyone knows about Google Analytics and I’m not going to bore you by explaining about how to use it. As our goal is to find the competitors who are clicking our Ads we can get just a basic summary with the help of Google Analytics. Please go to Acquisition, click AdWords, filter yesterday or today’s date range and select the campaign you need to study.

analytics help in detecting competitors from clicking ads

Check the clicks and users count. The differences can give us the basic idea that we have to work on killing our competitors from clicking our Ads. In the case of remarketing campaign, there are some advanced tactics we need to apply which I’m going to tell you in this post.

Why do Competitors click your Ads?

Competitors clicking on AdWords Ads may be due to following reasons.

  1. To check about your products or services
  2. To know about your business information
  3. To check what kind of landing page you’re using
  4. To click the ads and make you pay for nothing. (Cause you to lose budget early)

How to Identify competitors in Detail?

As I said earlier, with the help of Google Analytics we could get a basic idea of understanding the clicks ratio vs user ratio. So now it’s time to go in depth. Create a free account in It is a powerful tool, which shows us the user path and the time the user is on site.

Filtering them is an easy task before going to the concept first we have to create specific rules based on your business concept. Personally, I feel that when a user visits a site 3 or more times then there are a lot of chances that your website address might be known to them. I do not block few visitors who visited more than 5 times. We need to have multiple filters virtually in our mind before filtering the IP address of the visitor.

Filter No 1: Identifying the visit count

Filter No 2: Time-frequency

Filter No 3: Page Navigation

Filter No 4: Ensuring familiarity

Let me explain the 4 filters I use for saving most of the businesses from the invalid click. As I said earlier, I will check the no of visits for every user. Statcounter shows me the count of a visit for every visitor. You can refer to the image below which says that Visit#1 of 6 visits. This represents the user has first visited my website on 25th July at 19:38:07. So I will filter the IP address and see how the visitor lands my website for other 5 visits. If all 5 are from PPC then I will block him.

As per our filter no 2, I will cross check the visitor’s individual entry and exit time for all ad clicks. If the visitor is not spending more time on my site then I will block them. Statcounter shows this data under visitor length option. I will filter the visitor who is under less than 5 seconds and block their IP from all of my campaign’s including Remarketing. As a visitor who cannot afford his time in checking my website will never buy any product or service from me.

As per our filter no 3, If the visitor is not surfing my site then there are a lot of chances that I might block the visitor by not showing ads to the IP address. A competitor will surf my website a lot at the first time when they saw my ad. Then for subsequent click they might click and go.

How to Identify and stop competitors clicking on AdWords ads Immediately

What Happens if someone clicks my ads, and surfed my site a lot but not converting?

In this case, we have to use the filter no 4 which is ensuring familiarity. A person who is surfing your site a lot will never forget your site. So block them. Let them come directly.

Apart from StatCounter, I use which is a free live chat software which gives real-time data including visitor count and total time of single visit as well as the detail of the last visit.

How to Identify and stop competitors clicking on AdWords ads

I believe that I’ve answered your questions on how to tackle competitors clicking on adwords ads. Please share this article if you like. Comment below if you have any questions.


2 thoughts on “How to Identify and stop competitors clicking on AdWords ads Immediately

  • February 13, 2019 at 1:45 pm

    Im being clicked by the same people everyday ruining my buisness google only pics up some HOW DO I STOP THIS 07561354412

    • February 13, 2019 at 1:55 pm

      Hi Terry, I would suggest you use StatCounter (which is free). This will helps us in identifying the visitor path along with their IP address. Note down their IP address and block it using IP exclusion in your Google Ads account.


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