Best Restaurants in Msheireb Downtown Doha for South Indians

Best Restaurants in Msheireb Downtown Doha 2017

Best Restaurants in Msheireb Downtown Doha 2017
Msheireb Downtown, Doha Project Phase 3

With almost 9 months of experience in Msheireb Downtown, Doha, I’m letting you know the best I enjoyed.

Msheireb will be the future business and financial hub of Qatar. The area is all set to develop in no time. There may be a lot of restaurants yet to come. But as of now, these are the best food centers for a South Indian bachelor to enjoy in Msheireb Downtown, Doha while working.

Curry Leaves Restaurant:

Curry Leaves Restaurant doha qatarOne of the best Restaurants in Msheireb Downtown Doha where we can get South Indian Foods is Curry Leaves. This restaurant is the only place where we can get all Tamil foods like Idly, Dosa, Vada, Pongal etc. So if you’re from Tamil Nadu and working/Planning to work near Msheireb, then go and enjoy your breakfast prepared by a Cook from Tamil Nadu and served by Srilankan Tamils.

The restaurant used to be always clean. Small dining with a capacity of almost 20 people can eat at a time. I almost went all days there for my breakfast and for few lunches. Highly affordable prices for all varieties. With just 7 QR we can enjoy unlimited Fish or Vegetarian meals.

This restaurant is behind Eastern Exchange (Managed by Canara Bank), near Jaidah Tower and almost 500m away from Msheireb Downtown Doha project phase 3.

Advancement Cafe:

You want to try a burger or some Arabi Food? then go to Advancement Cafe (Near Grand Mercure hotel complex). This is very close to Msheireb Downtown Doha, Phase 3 project. Very good ambiance, faster preparation, and serving of food were its advantages.

I go twice a day here to have a Tea and snack. This may not be a complete restaurant for Indians, but a good place to have snacks. I vote this as the best snack center at Msheireb.

Ghee Rice Restaurant:

The Best Kerala-based restaurant in Msheireb is Ghee Rice Restaurant. You can get all Kerala foods like puttu, kadala and Tamil Nadu foods like idly, dosa etc. The price is more or less competitive with The Curry Leaves restaurant. The preferred place to have lunch.

NICE Restaurant:

This is located exactly on the back side of the Ghee Rice Restaurant. You can get Tandoori Roti, BBQ and even South Indian meals.

Actually, Msheireb was one the best projects in Qatar due to its location. The people who are working in this projects can save more of their personal time as there are lots of shopping centers to purchase groceries (Click here for latest pricing) as well as restaurants to have food.

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