How to get 100 Visitors per day to my blog

How to get 100 Visitors per day to my blog?

A lot of bloggers dream about getting 100 visitors per day. Let me reveal the secret what I adopted to achieve.

How I got 100 visitors a day? How to get 100 Visitors per day to my blog

If you want immediate results, then go for social media marketing. It’s quite simple, create a post in facebook/twitter, add your link and then publish it with proper hashtag. There are some chances that you will get 100 visitors per day without spending a penny. Make sure that you write articles which are trending in the world. Think before writing the post and publish it in right time. So be an early bird.

Do you think I’m using these tactics now to gain traffic? NO then how to get 100 visitors per day to my website? First, do not follow any shortcuts. If you keep on writing articles based on trends then you’re going to work throughout your life and moreover, you’re in tough competition as most of the bloggers follow the same tactics. Just think, what happens to the topic which is trending now will be after a week or a month. ZERO. No one is going to think about the topic after a short time. So do not blog anything for the sake of trending. You can still write informative content about some topic which is trending but make sure the lifespan of that topic is high.

I did this above mistake and it took really 4 months to realize that I’m traveling in a wrong direction.When you read my article completely, you will know how I achieved my first 100 visitors per day to my blog. After losing the patience, I read an article written by an SEO expert stating that “Content is the king”, quality content with proper search engine optimization will automatically rank pages higher in search results. I contacted him and asked how search engines understand the content quality and how to optimize article as per SEO. I also mentioned that I am not an SEO expert. He simply told me to use a WordPress plugin called Squirrly to write and publish the articles. As the software is for free, I downloaded and installed on my WordPress blog. You can Download the free Software by clicking here.

After installing the plugin, I saw a live assistant which guides me throughout the writing process. It tells me what keyword I should use, whether I should remove any keyword so that over optimization is can be avoided.

Apart from the live assistant, the plugin has some extraordinary SEO settings which help us in gaining search visibility.

  1. It automatically adds the required METAs. (Actually, I’m a Mechanical Engineer and I have no idea about META TAG at that time)
  2. It creates the XML Sitemap for search engines and gives the link. Secondly, it ping your sitemap to Google and Bing when a new post is published
  3. It adds Feed style to your blog feed. (eg. www.yoururl/feed)
  4. It adds the Json-LD metas for Semantic SEO.
  5. You can get copyright free images for your posts for free which gives a good ambiance for your readers.
  6. Lastly, It sends you a site audit which gives You Professional Advice on How To Fix issues on your site, so you can easily find out how to improve. Believe me its damn good.

Also note, after getting the XML sitemap you can submit it to search engines using your webmaster tool for faster indexing.

I used Squirrly to write and publish the article. While writing I do keyword analysis which is there in my plan (Not in free version). This helps me to target the article for a specific keyword. The live assistant of squirrly helps me to ensure that my article is not diverted from the targeted keyword and at the same time it gives importance for human-friendly content which alone can bring the tag as a good article in search engine perspective.

Secondly, follow the advice which you will get weekly from Squirrly as a part of site audit report. They cover topics like blogging frequency, site authority, social signals which are the pillars for good SEO site.

My website received 100+ visitors a day when my site got a 70+ score in site audit from Squirrly.

Always keep in mind that content is the king. Major search engines are now awarding ranks based on the content quality. You may be a person with lesser or zero SEO knowledge but just by downloading the free plugin,  you can improve your chances to get 100 Visitors per day. My advice to you is to use the free trial first, feel the difference and then upgrade the plan according to your requirements.

Secondly, if you think you can get higher ranking without building backlinks then the answer for that is no. Then how to get 100 visitors per day to my website by using Squirrly alone? Use Long tail keywords which have lower competition with a decent exact match search volume.

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