Top 10 Current Issues in Tamilnadu

Top 10 Current Issues in Tamilnadu

There are lots of issues which need to be resolved in TamilNadu. As I cannot list everything in a single post, I’m listing down few of them which I consider very important.

Rameshwaram Fishermen issues

According to me, one of the oldest and never-ending issues in Tamil Nadu was Rameshwaram Fishermen problem. Top 10 Current Issues in TamilnaduSince gifting Katchatheevu island, we are facing this problem. We all know who is the root cause of this problem. But still these guys are playing political drama and I surprised to see still, they have a decent vote bank. Thousands and Thousands of fishermen lost their lives in gun-shot, many lost their boats, fishing nets etc. Wake up guys, don’t cast your vote simply for a symbol. Fishing is their lifeline and it is the only job in the world where people put their life on risk at all time is fishing and they deserve protection from both state and central government. This ranks number one in the list of major problems in Tamilnadu.

Sterlite Issue in Thoothukudi (Tuticorin)ban sterlite

This issue is not resolved yet and we’re still fighting against the wealthy Vedanta group. Their Sterlite industry is one among the prime reason to cause cancer for the people of Thoothukudi. Protest for banning Sterlite got energized on 24th March 2018. Click here to read the detail information regarding the status of the protest and how Sterlite entered Thoothukudi.

Farmers Issues in Tamilnadu

India is basically an agricultural country, but farming in Tamilnadu is at alarming level. They are the least spoken people by Indian Media. As a producer, our farmers cannot determine the price of their products. There are plenty of middlemen who procure at a cheap rate and sell through black market at a high price when the demand is more. Many farmers who are doing farming generation by generation are now leaving farming and working as unskilled labor in other sectors. They don’t want their kids to do farming as practically there is no career growth. The government should relax its norms and it should allow farmers to declare the price for their goods along with limited controls which safeguard the consumer’s interest. Immediate actions on this issue may stop farmer suicide.

Secondly, we cannot dream eating rice/vegetables, if procurement/production goes in the hand of corporate companies. They will decide their own price and sell. Friends, if we’re not supporting farmers now, then, believe me, we are digging grave not only for us but for our future generations too.

Thirdly, many have started earning money through real estate. Farmers started to sell their land for cash and these real estate people destroy the farmland and started creating townships. So this is the second most important current issues in Tamilnadu which needs to be addressed by the government without any further delay.

Hydrocarbon issues

After Jallikattu Protest, now it is #SaveNeduvasal from hydrocarbon project. Any project which does not focus on long-term benefit will never become a success. This project should be withdrawn immediately. Popular politicians are playing with slogans that for the sake of India, we should sacrifice Tamil Nadu. I strongly oppose that. A good government never sacrifice anything for silly benefits. If India wants hydrocarbon to be implemented in Tamil Nadu and If union government is very adamant in its decision, then I’m placing one question, to end the enmity with Pakistan why can’t union government sacrifice Kashmir? Let me make things clear. I’m not an anti-nationalist but actions of our government are completely against people of Tamil Nadu. I’m relating Kashmir with Tamil Nadu just to make other fellow state people realize how much we (The people of Tamil Nadu) are affected mentally.  We Tamils love India and we’re proud to be a part of it but our government is continuously suing Tamil Nadu. Before Kudankulam, then Jallikattu ban and now Neduvasal.

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Education Loan issues

Due to election oath, still, good students are suffering. Banks are now not providing education loans due to high NPA (Non-payable assets) ratio. The Government needs to take immediate steps to take their election oath into reality.

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Kaveri Issue

Kaveri Issue is one of the hypothetical problems what Tamil Nadu is facing for years. Even though the judgment is in favor of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka government is not releasing the adequate water on time. Secondly, cheap war game was started by politicians between people of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. By forgetting that we’re Indians, from both side started to humiliate the other. Air, water is a common thing. My request to people of Karnataka, please don’t trap yourself in politicians game. We love you guys, many Tamil families are living in Bangalore and many Kannada people are living in Chennai. After all, we are just neighbors who share a river. If this problem is resolved, entire delta region of Tamil Nadu will be benefited. But how this problem will be resolved?, even my god don’t know as it again depends on our Politicians.

#Save Thamirabarani

One of the tastiest water sources in the world is Thamirabarani. Being the native guy from Tuticorin, I can proudly tell that, I had tasted it. There are many companies (including soft drinks) and hospitals (From Tirunelveli) which take water/pollute water. This must be streamlined and we want our Thamirabarani back.

Bhavani Dam issues

Constructing dam on Bhavani river by Kerala government might affect the farming activity in Kongu region. This should be stopped during the early stages itself.

Sand Mafia

This issue is popular in almost all river beds. Looting sand from the river will affect the groundwater quality as well as the absorption capacity, hence pumping water for drinking will be difficult.

Private Education System

The of private education system becomes a wonderful business for people who wants to be rich at no time. We can see most of the politicians have minimum 1 colleges. Donations, fees etc are collected from students and enjoying the money which is nonaccountable. Engineering and medical colleges were the birthplaces of black money. This should be tackled immediately. There are plenty of engineers getting produced in Tamil Nadu who are in lack of technical knowledge and now they are unemployed or working in other professions (like bank etc). With all respect, I have to admit that there are skilled engineers and doctors who don’t get an opportunity as there is no one to help them. 70% of technical jobs are hired via references only. Many students are not technically sound and another set of students are recruited through references. As a result, some elite students are unable to get their dream job what they deserve through merit basis. Due to surplus engineers, the value of engineers got down in India. This made students like me, to go out of India for jobs in abroad where we get respect for our degree. For an example, a technician is earning 12-15k INR in an average but most of the engineers in Chennai earns just 8K/months with no allowances (Being a fresher) and in some cases, engineers are deemed to work as technicians/supervisors.

So shutting down of engineering/medical colleges and universities which are not ranked well based on the alumni voting system will help future engineers/doctors to gain pride.

Problems with Tasmac

Last but not the least, Tasmac is the worst problem which many families getting affected in Tamil Nadu. The worst quality of alcoholic drinks is sold in Tasmac. The most pathetic thing is the government is sailing with the profit of the Tasmac. Recently, the government of Tamil Nadu announced that they have closed 500 Tasmac Shops. But I believe it doesn’t affect anything. Complete Ban on Alcoholic drinks should be imposed immediately to save people from being addicted to these low-quality alcohols.

Click here to read the one common solution for all these above mentioned current issues in Tamilnadu.

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    I enjoy what you guys are usually up too. This kind of clever work and reporting! Keep up the very good works guys I’ve added you guys to blogroll.

  • October 25, 2017 at 11:01 pm

    Nice Listing.. but not sure.. who will take ownership to close these issues..???
    One thing is sure, OUR NEXT GENERATION will face more impact our current open issues…
    Lets pray to GOD to show good leaders.. to save our next generation…
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