What do we need to do After Jallikattu Protest?

What do we need to do After Jallikattu Protest?

Even though our Jallikattu Protest was a grand success, the climax was ended in unexpected manner. We all know why this happened. This is due to cheap politics. During Jallikattu protest we planned to strike many arrows against both state and central government with our unity. But once Jallikattu was allowed, we dropped all arrows down and we started to look our own jobs.ban peta lift jallikattu ban after jallikattu protest

We all are forgetting the past soon and these politicians are playing with us again and again. They are creating a lot of scenes to divert us. For an example, we can take the current political condition of Tamil Nadu. In December 2016, Late Ms. J.Jayalalithaa was our Chief minister. In January, Mr. O.PaneerSelvam was our CM and now at February Mr. E.Palanisamy is our CM. In 3 months we’ve experienced 3 Chief ministers. I think this is a new record set by the state. Feeling Proud!!!

During the protest, there were lots of comments against Mr. O.Paneer Selvam for not reacting promptly in lifting the ban but within few days after Jallikattu protest, we’re praising him like a superhero. How he become a superhero in no time? Please try to understand this is the power of politics. If politicians can create something then they can destroy something. But it is time to make them realize that we the people who give powers to them and we’ve to prove that if we know to give them power then we should know how to rip off that powers and make them nothing.

Let me remind you some of the goals we had at the time of the protest.

  1. Lift Jallikattu Ban.
  2. PETA exit.
  3. Need to save Tamirabharani river.
  4. Not to support existing political parties.
  5. Boycott Foreign products (At least soft drinks). and more

Have we achieved everything? No!

Only Jallikattu ban was lifted and we all forget about our other goals. The power is inside us. We the youth can change the current political situation of Tamil Nadu. If you ask me what we need to do after Jallikattu Protest? then my intention says that we have to form a political party. There are lots of scams done by the current political parties. No one is good. We can just tell this party is best while comparing to that party. Another important thing to discuss is the role of cinema people. It is like a fashion for actors and actresses to start a party or to join a party. They will never do any good but try to use their popularity to get votes or to promote other parties for cash. Anyway earning will be their prime goal. So we have to come out of this kind of stupidity. I respect actors and actresses who supported us during the protest but sorry to say that we’re learning from history and this time we’ve to be more vigil.

The first thing what we need is the same determination which we had at the time of Jallikattu protest. Whatever the diversion is, we should keep a keen eye in establishing a new party. Secondly, we’ve to determine a guideline for shortlisting the candidates. The selection process should be made very strict and shortlisting can be done with the help of retired IAS officers or Judges.

Another important factor is the protection of new party and its candidates. Anything can happen in politics.

In 2000, almost 8% of the users in the world were actively using the Internet but now I believe at least 40-50% might be active users. If we handle the internet and traditional election campaign practice in a balanced manner then the victory is ours. Share this post if you want us to start a new youth political party asap as the first step after Jallikattu Protest. Comment below to share your ideas regarding framing guidelines to select 234 candidates among us or tell us what to do after Jallikattu protest.

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