Quest After the Flight Crash: Episode 4

Quest After the Flight Crash: Episode 4 “A New Beginning”

Half of the plane was submerged in the ocean. Flame starts to spread faster on the other half, which is above the ocean level. Almost 25 passengers escaped from the plane immediately. Ram searched for Heena. She is still inside the semi wrecked plane.

Ram entered the plane to rescue his beloved girl. He found her between 2 seats. Her leg got stuck between the leg holders. Ram lifted the leg holder and carried Heena on his shoulder. He came out of the flight with Heena.

At the same time, Suresh, Harish, and Anand tried to rescue other potential victims. Harish found Sheela in dead condition. He just remembered his friends teased her and got a good slap, but in no time she is dead.

Flame begins to arise rigorously; our heroes moved away from the flight to keep themselves aloof from the peril.

Out of 180 people, 65 passengers escaped from the wrecking plane. The pilot of the flight insisted his passengers to stay calm and to move ahead to reach any of the nearest islands, if possible for survival.

Heena expressed her gratitude with her tears to Ram. ‘Thanks for everything Ram’, said Heena. Ram closed her mouth with his hand and said ‘When I saw you inside the flight for the foremost time…..I fell in love with you. I want you to be with me for the rest of my lifetime. I saved you by taking a great risk because I can’t lose you and you’re very special…..I love you Heena‘.

His heroic love proposal made Heena accept him. She drew him closer and takes his chin upwards and agreed his proposal with a compliment. This was the first kiss for both of them. Heena found her real hero in this journey. Anand, also in a jealous reminded Ram and Heena that they were still in danger. Hey. dude…. Let us move towards a safer place.

Our heroes were happy for Ram but the same time they feel sorry for their co-passengers who lost their lives in this big accident. Even the copilot was dead while rescuing the other passengers.

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