Quest After the Flight Crash: Episode 3

Quest After the Flight Crash: Episode 3 “The Flight Crash”

Ram fell in love with Heena at his first sight. In fact, this was his first love. He is very serious this time. He started to narrate several heroic stories to flirt her. Meanwhile, Harish noticed a small kid sitting nervously near him. He felt so uneasy as this was his first flight trip and he is traveling unaccompanied.

As it is too late, everyone starts to sleep. The ambiance outside the flight begins to change. Due to the prevalence of strong turbulence, the pilot decided to increase the altitude to get rid of the intense pressure. Abruptly, the controls were not responding and this led way to engine failure. The pilot decided to make an emergency landing to save all the passengers.

The emergency alarm has been switched on and the Air hostess delivered the necessary safety procedures to all passengers. The flight’s altitude gets reduced drastically to 20000 feet from 32000 feet.

Because of the formation of high-pressure in the air, friction increases and the left wing got torn apart by turbulence. Loss of control and structural failure due to severe turbulence made the situation even worse. The plane’s altitude reduced to 10000 feet and it is about to land on the Indian Ocean, between Sri Lanka and North Sumatra islands. Consequently, flame occurs on the left side of the plane and it landed on the Indian Ocean.

The violent fire breaks out from the left part, there is an initial moment of psychological paralysis and this leads to instinctive behavioral reactions of passengers and crew members. The passengers nearby the left part faced injuries and even permanent disfigurement. Along with flight crew members, our Heroes opened the door and came out of the flight.

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