Quest After the Flight Crash: Episode 2

Quest After the Flight Crash: Episode 2-The Flight Takeoff:

After consoling Harish, Suresh and other’s decided to entertain him to avert his after the flight crashDude, what a Chick’!, Said Anand. Ram instantly told Anand ‘She is mine‘. A beautiful woman appeared before them and sat beside Ram. She leaned down a little to take her baggage. Everyone’s eyes were on her. She hauled her bag towards her and hit the Ram’s leg with her bag accidently. She conveys his apology to Ram for her action.

This incident created a chance for Ram to begin a chat with her. He started with Hi..’No issues, My Name is Ram‘ She introduced herself to him. Her name is Sheela and likewise, she’s going to Singapore along our heroes. The conversation between them starts to become warmer.

Suresh and Anand felt jealous of Ram for flirting her. Anand with jealous interrupted their conversation by saying ‘Ram, I got a phone call from your wife‘. In reality, all four were bachelors.

Ram tried to handle the situation, but in the interim, her phone starts to ring. She answered the call and talked for 40 minutes. After ending the call she resumes her talk with Ram. She told him that her daughter was on the phone.

Our guys were badly disappointed by hearing that she is not single. Anand and Suresh started to tease Ram by pretending him as “Aunty’s Hero“. Sheela got embarrassed by them and slapped on the Ram’s cheeks for treating her badly. She scolded them to the core and left aside.

This incident diverted the mood of Harish. They heard the proclamation from the airport speakers to embark into the airplane. Suresh and Anand got their seats nearby while Harish’s seat was behind Anand’s seat. Ram’s seat was allotted in the parallel row to Harish.

A beautiful girl sat near Ram. As usual, our Romeo starts his flirting game. After descending into their respective seats they fastened their seat belts to enjoy their holiday travel, but they don’t know that they are going to create an adventure. The flight takes off from the Chennai International Airport.

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