Episode 1: The Beginning of Quest After the Flight Crash

Quest After the Flight Crash-Episode 1:

Suresh stood unnoticed in the crowd near the canteen of the cinema hall. He leaned against a pillar near the canteen. Harish touched his shoulder from his back. He turned back and got startled. ‘Hey dude, how are you?’ said Harish.

After talking to Suresh, he can realize that he came to Chennai before a month. His presence in Chennai reminded him about their college days. They both badly miss their other two friends, Ram and Anand who were their gang mates. Then they determined to arrange a get-together party and to invite them.

Anand and Ram were working in Bangalore. Harish took his mobile and invited Ram and Anand to the party.

For a change, they decided to go to Singapore for 10 days to make a party. They also decided to begin their journey on the 4th of next month. Within 10 days of a gap, Suresh and Harish managed to finalize their entire tour planning.

All four guys assembled in a star hotel to begin the party with a beer. They all started to talk about the happening of their college life. Together they did the lessons in the college, teased others inside the campus and played cricket at the college ground. They almost spent the whole time in talking about their college days.

Ram asked about Pranitha to Harish. ‘Dead…Pranitha was dead’. Everything went off due to my mediocre, said Harish. Tears were in the walls of his eyes. Yes, he began to cry as Ram reminded about her. 

‘It was an accident. I’m on the opposite lane of Nelson Manikam road; she waited for me near the pedestrian cross. A car coming in a wrong way smashed her. She was left dead before my eyes.’ Harish’s emotional speech made everyone sad. They could hardly take on it. Then all started to console and emboldened him to forget that incident.

Consequently, their forgather party ended as a sad party. After 10:00 Pm they left to the airport from the bar.

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