Why am I against Jallikattu Ban?

Why am I against Jallikattu Ban?

Jallikattu is not just a Sport its a part of our culture. It’s our identity and we should not abide by the comments of others who don’t know about our culture.

I’ve got a doubt? Where do we torture the bulls in Jallikattu? The event usually will not last longer. A man who catches the hump of a running Bull for 15 to 20 feet from the entrance area is honored as the winner. How does catching the hump can be treated as a torture.

If  PETA needs to stop something then let them first stop El Toro Embolado event, which is widely celebrated in the Spain. Here bulls are subjected to horrendous treatment for the spectator’s entertainment. Those who want to ban Jallikattu must click here to see how they’re playing with the calf.

There are a lot of dangerous sports in our world and without banning that why these people want’s to ban our traditional sport?

At the time of start of Jallikattu event, both the bull and the participants are being tested for consumption of Alcohol by a panel of doctors lead by the respective district collector. They’re permitted to participate only after they proved to be alcohol-free. Where do we offend animal rights? So why the hell they want to ban Jallikattu?

I don’t know whether there is any commercial motivation involved in Jallikattu Ban, but I want it back. I’m against Jallikattu Ban, aren’t you?

Being a True Tamilan, I’m writing this post as my final post of the year 2016.

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