Top 5 things Tamilnadu losing along with Chief minister Jayalalitha

Top 5 things Tamilnadu losing along with Chief Minister Jayalalithadeath of Cheif minister jayalalitha

The demise of Our Honorable Chief minister Ms. Jayalalitha is undoubtedly a great loss for Tamil Nadu. Check out the top five things we’re missing along with her.

  1. Our Ex-Chief minister Jayalalitha was the only leader, not only in the state but in our nation to terminate her own party members (MP/MLA/District Secretary) in overnight who are involved/seems to be involved in fishy issues. She gains the trust of people with her prompt actions. I doubt any another leader will have the same guts to do like her. 
  2. She had completely abolished poverty in the state with her innovative schemes. Amma unavagam was a massive hit. A person with 10 rupees can eat thrice a day. I’m very sure that she consecutively won elections as she feeds the needy.
  3. Law and order issues like communal riots are less while compared to other government. Police can execute its power with no political hesitation/fear.
  4. A leader with no family politics. True dedication of herself to the state. There is no such person as her heirs to claim her place in politics. I wish to mention her quotes “Makkalal¬†Nan Makkalukaga Nan” which say “I am by the people, I am for the people”
  5. Winning all time with majority people support like our honorable MGR.

Let us pray to god that her soul rests in peace.

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