Top 3 Cheapest Way to call India from Qatar

Top 3 Cheapest Way to call India from Qatar

Being in Qatar for 45 days, I could tell you the best cheapest way to call India from Qatar.

No 3 Whatsapp/Skype/Messenger

Where ever you go in the world, not alone in Qatar, you can be connected with your friends and family with the help of the Internet. Using Whatsapp, Skype and Facebook messenger you can dial voice calls and even video calls (Facebook and Skype) provided that you and the other person whom you wish to talk should have an Internet connection (At least 3G) and the same app on their mobile or computer. I rate this as the 3rd cheapest way to call India from Qatar.


Both parties should have high-speed internet connection. The cost of 1 GB internet is 60 QAR which is approximately 1100 INR (5 times higher when compared to Indian internet provider-Even Jio is offering free data nowadays). The receiver could enjoy speaking to you at a nominal rate but you’ve to pay more unless you have an unlimited connection which worth INR 5500.

Secondly, if the receiver doesn’t have an Internet connection or if their internet speed is not good, then this way is not suitable for you. Thirdly, you cannot call them as you wish as they must be active on the Internet at that time.

No 2 Skype Subscription for India

If free Mobile Apps are not enough for you to enjoy speaking with your loved ones in India then I hope this will be your cheapest way to call India from Qatar. Get Skype India subscription worth of Rs 525+ Indian tax. You get 800 minutes to call both landline and mobile phones in India. For implementing this method, you need to have a valid credit card and Internet connection and the advantage you’ve in this is

  1. Your receiver doesn’t need the Internet/Smartphone.
  2. You can call at any time as you wish.

Again the limitation in this is the Internet connection in Qatar is quite high. So monthly you need to spend Rs 690 (For Skype Subscription) + Rs 1450 (3 GB Vodafone prepaid 4G).

No 1 Vodafone India discount rate

I’m an Airtel user in India, but in Qatar, Vodafone prepaid is good. Cheapest Way to call India from QatarFor just 0.50 QAR (approximately 9 INR) per week, you can call to any Indian Mobile at INR 2.20 (0.12 QAR). No smartphone required, no internet required hence I rate this as my number 1 Cheapest Way to call India from Qatar. I got my Vodafone Qatar Sim card for free at New Delhi International Airport. If you missed it you have to pay INR 256-360 (14-20 QAR) to get a new sim card. So make sure you get one from Delhi airport. (Please note: activation may take more than 3 days. For me it took 4 days)

Other Important prepaid rates and shortcuts in Vodafone Qatar

  1. To get the Internet settings text “Internet” and send to 802 from your Vodafone Qatar sim.
  2. Dial *100# or *200*306# to activate weekly internet of 75Mb for just 6 QAR (Auto renewal). If you wish to opt out just dial *200*306#
  3. Local call rates are very costly than calling to India from Vodafone Qatar. So dial *200*365# to get 60 local minutes free for 5 days. (No auto-renewal)
  4. Dial *200*202# or 111 to get a discount rate for calling India for just 50dhs per week. (Auto renewal)

I hope this post might be useful to you. Comment below if you’ve any question or share this post if you like.

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