Truth Behind the Samsung Note 7 Recall

Truth Behind the Samsung Note 7 Recall

Samsung has announced that it is recalling entire galaxy Note 7. samsung note 7 recallInstructions were already given to remove from store shelves, and they initiated a full recall of the devices and replacement plans will be shared. The phone explodes during charging. Actually, the problem should be with the battery. I think the batteries which sourced from Korea are experiencing this issue.

It is definitely an embarrassing setback for the Samsung. The Note 7 is projected to be the most popular and reliable phone to date, so this is a huge problem for Samsung. They want to get this fixed and ship again. More they delay more they’re giving up their business to Apple.

Some tell that the issue is on the models with 4000 Mah battery models with Exynos processor and the US version with smaller 3500 Mah battery with the Snapdragon 820 processor is not affected.

Nothing can be concluded until Samsung releases an official statement. It is expected that Samsung will exchange US Galaxy Note 7 devices as early as next week.  People who purchased online can return or exchange the phone.

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