Kabali leaked Officially at Tamilrockers

Kabali leaked Officially at Tamilrockers

OMG. Heartbreaking. Tamilrockers officially released Kabali in its (Dot)(be) domain. Is there any way to block it?

kabali leaked at Tamilrockers

Finally, The officials failed to block the piracy sites. Friends never ever support this unethical practice. If you find someone saying #wesupporttamilrockers then tell them how it feels if someone stole your hard work. I know many are supporting Tamil rockers due to hike in ticket price. Is seeing a movie is an indispensable thing. No, definitely not. A kind requests to you all. Instead of downloading Kabali from Tamil rockers or other piracy sites better to watch it later on Theaters when ticket price is low or affordable.

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Update : Tamilrockers new domain extension is tamilrockers (dot) at.

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