Compare WordPress hosting Bigrock vs Aapkaweb

Compare Big rock WordPress hosting plan vs Aapkaweb wordpress hosting plan

Hi folks, In this article we’re going to know which Indian hosting company is best for hosting your WordPress website/s Aapkaweb or Bigrock?

Before going to the concept let me revive my earlier post Guide to Modern Swadeshi Movement. In that post, I told that service sectors of our country is dominated by foreign companies. Lets begin our “Be Indian Buy Indian” campaign. Through this article, I’m requesting you to avail your WordPress hosting needs from either of the 2 Indian companies i.e. Aapkaweb and Bigrock.

Everyone know about Big Rock and there is no doubt about its quality and service which has reached peak in global market. Big Rock is famous for its competitive pricing and feature. This article is not focused on demotivating any products of Big Rock but to show the nation that some one has better pricing and features that the Indian Giant.

Big Rock has 4 plans for their users

  1. Starter
  2. Advanced
  3. Business
  4. Pro

Aapkaweb has 3 plans for their users

  1. Starter
  2. Advanced
  3. Unlimited

Now let us compare the web hosting plans which are suitable to host a WordPress website.

Compare Aapkaweb vs Big Rock-Starter WordPress Hosting Plan

Both Starter plan is suitable for users who need to host a single WordPress website. Big Rock starter plan cost us Rs 89 per month (Rs 1068/year) if you opt for 10 years contract while Aapkaweb cost us just Rs 49 per Month (Rs 588/year). This shows that Aapkaweb’s starter plan is almost 45% less than Big Rock’s 10 years contract. One year contract of starter hosting plan with Big Rock will cost us Rs 199/ month (Rs 2388/Year) which is 306% greater than Aapkaweb’s starter hosting plan. Now let us compare the features

compare starter wordpress hosting plan of big rock and aapkaweb

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