Compare Aapka web vs Big Rock-Advanced WordPress Hosting Plan

Compare Aapka web vs Big Rock-Advanced WordPress Hosting Plan

In my previous post, we read about Comparison of WordPress hosting between Bigrock and Aapkaweb (starter Plan) and now let us check out the comparison of Aapkaweb’s Advanced hosting plan with Big Rock’s Advanced hosting plan. Aapka Web advanced hosting plan allows us to host 3 websites while Big Rock’s advanced hosting plan permits us to host only one website. Big Rock has an upper hand while comparing the disk space and date transfer limit. It offers unlimited benefits. While coming to the pricing Aapkaweb has an advantage. Aapkaweb charge us only Rs 2388/Year while the best plan (3 Years contract) of Bigrock charge us Rs 2868 which is 20.1% higher than Aapkaweb. Which clearly shows us that Aapkaweb wins the race in Advanced plan also. Kindly refer to the below table for features of Advanced hosting plan.

advanced wordpress hosting plan of big rock and aapkaweb

Bigrock’s Business hosting Plan vs Aapkaweb’s Advanced Plan

Now let us compare Aapkaweb’s Advanced plan with Bigrock’s Business plan. Both plans allows us to host 3 websites and unlimited emails. Bigrock has an upper hand while comparing disk space and data transfer of Aapkaweb’s Advanced WordPress hosting plan. But still Aapkaweb could be a better choice if you think 25 GB is enough to meet your website traffic needs. Alas, while comparing the pricing Aapkaweb was better than bigrock. Bigrock’s best plan (3 Years contract) will cost Rs 4188 which is 175% of Aapkaweb’s pricing.

comparison of aapkaweb advanced plan and bigrock business wordpress hosting plan

Finally, let us compare the best WordPress hosting plans of both Aapkaweb and Bigrock.

Aapkaweb’s unlimited hosting plan allow us to host 5 websites while Bigrock’s pro plan allow us to host unlimited websites. So do you think Bigrock would be the preferred place for advanced users? Yes you may be right. But Aapkaweb offer a fourth plan which is called as custom plan. Tell them your needs and ask them a quote. I’m sure they will surprise you as they surprised me. Again coming to pricing, we can buy Aapkaweb’s unlimited plan for just Rs 4188/year while we need to spend Rs 1800 more to get bigrock’s pro plan.

aapkaweb unlimited vs Bigrock Pro hosting plan

I hope the comparison of WordPress Hosting plan by these two Indian companies might be useful for you to take a decision. Share this article if you like or comment below if you’ve any questions.

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