Tata cliq the new ecommerce gaint

Tata Cliq the best alternative for Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay and Snapdeal.

The name Tata itself enough to grab attention of millions. Tata group know how to tap the potentiality of eCommerce in India and now they are taking a big leap which will definitely have impact on other eCommerce counterparts. The url of the online shopping site is www.tatacliq.com

The company has set a goal to secure number one place among other online shopping sites in just 2 years. It is no doubt that definitely it is an achievable goal.

Do you know why Tata Cliq would be a threat for other online shopping sites? 

They are proposing a newer system called Phygital. Tata CliqThis new system will act as a bridge between conventional shopping and online shopping by combining their positive points together.  As of now Tata Cliq is concentrating on Apparels, Footwear and electronics. Very soon we can expect them to expand on other profitable eCommerce category. The company will have direct connection with the brands to make it to stand aloof from the existing shopping sites like filpkart, amazon, snapdeal etc.

Advantage of using Tata Cliq website 

As a shopper you can purchase any product in tatacliq.com and the product reaches you on time. If you’re in an urgent or you’re very curious then you can go and pick the purchased product in a store near to you. Unlike Flipkart, Tata Cliq do not require ware house as all the products displayed in its website will be available in stores at real time. This is the advantage that Tata Cliq has over other online shopping sites in India.

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