Top 10 outdoor camping gear for Indian conditions

Top 10 outdoor camping gear for Indian conditions

Top 10 outdoor camping gear to buy online are

Picnic Camping Portable Waterproof Tent 

Camping is fun if we camp together with friends or family. So the first thing you have to make sure is a shelter. outdoor camping gearWhere you and others will stay? It is good if you have a portable shelter in your camping gear which is handy and gives complete protection against any weather condition. If you go camping regularly then it is good to buy a portable camping waterproof tent. An ideal size of 220cm x 250cm x 150cm is more enough for 5-6 people to settle. The picnic tent shown in the picture is available on amazon which has strong fiberglass, waterproof, good air ventilation, mesh door, windows, wearable and most important it is light to carry. The material is made up of polyester and it took only 3 minutes for us to set up.

Waterproof Adult Sleeping Bag for Camping

In case, if you’re camping with new friends whom you’re not so comfortable or you’re camping alone then it is good to carry Waterproof Adult Sleeping Bag for Camping. Sleeping bags are Warm, Cozy and Comfortable to Sleep in all seasons whether it is Autumn, Spring or Summer or Winters. Sleeping bags are easy to use. We have to unzip it, get inside and enjoy the warmness. Comparing with Picnic Camping Portable Waterproof Tent it does not Add Too Much Weight to your Already Heavy Camping Gear.  It can be Folded, Rolled and Kept in the Carry-Bag so it is packing friendly. The only drawback is when washing, there are a lot of chances for stitches to worn off. 

Elastic Adjustable Strap 3 Modes 3W LED Head Lamp

A light intensity adjustable Head Lamp with Elastic Strap is necessary when you are about to go trekking in the early morning or late evening. It cost less around 300 Rupees at Amazon. Make sure the product you buy has the adjustable focus of light and angle which may be very helpful.  If you decide to buy the headlamp creativeASIN=B0196GQAKM&linkCode=as2&tag=alagurajes-21″>PowerHouse

If you’re a kind of person who feels good to spend some time in camping and at the same time worried about your comfortableness then it is good to carry a powerhouse with you. With a handy powerhouse like Anker PowerHouse, you can expand the camping options available to no power sites. This powerhouse can recharge itself automatically as solar panels are installed. Also, you can recharge it using A/c. With this, you can run fans, lamps, and even recharge your laptop for 15 times. Buying Anker PowerHouse is highly recommended if you’re camping with your family and that too especially with kids.

Mini Binoculars

Trekking on a mountain with binoculars can help you to seek into a larger distance and it is ideal for bird watching, walking, climbing, boating/Yachting, travel, as well as other outdoor recreations. Actually, with mini binoculars, we can do 10x zoom. For an example, you can read the number plate of a car or a signboard at a distance up to 800 m.

Camping Bag

Where to stuff things for camping? You need a good camping bag like Bendly or Generic brands. A perfect camping bag needs to have a minimum capacity of 30 ltr. Make sure the camping bag you choose is waterproof else everything will become a mess.

Thermal Gloves

Thermal Gloves don’t allow any wind through, they are very soft and look good. With Dreamy Thermal gloves, we access to touch screen mobiles/GPS without any disturbances in screen response.

First aid kit

Anything can happen to anyone while camping. So make sure your first aid kit has Abdominal Pad, Adhesive Tape, Alcohol Prep Pads, Antibiotic Ointment, Antiseptic Wipes , Butterfly Bandages, Cold Compress, Cotton Tip Applicator, CPR Mask, Gauze Pads (2X2), Gauze Pads (3X3), Gauze Pads (4X4), Gloves (Latex Free), Knuckle Bandages, Large Bandages 4 X 2 In, Metal Scissors, PBT Bandage, Razor Blade, Emergency Blanket, Fingertip Bandages, Spot and Standard Bandages, Sting Relief Wipes, Tourniquet, Triangular Bandage, Tweezers. If you find difficulty in collecting everything then it is better to buy MedAssist first aid kit for camping and hiking

Lifestraw Personal Portable Water Purifier

Lifestraw Personal Portable Water Purifier is available on which has the capability to filter impure water into drinkable water. The life straw has a shelf-life of 5 years and it can filter up to 1000 liters. All you need to do is scoop water from pond, stream, river or any water source available. This lifestraw can remove 99.9999 percent of waterborne bacteria.

adidas Men’s Aztor Hiker Mid Trekking and Hiking Footwear Boots

Starting a trekking or hiking without proper shoes is not advisable. The shoe you choose should be both water and cold proof. The best choice is to buy Adidas Men’s Aztor Hiker Mid Trekking and Hiking Footwear Boots. This shoe will fold automatically as per the movement of our toes and retains its shape immediately during the idle hours. Moreover, it is less weight and good to wear especially during trekking.

Hope I covered the top 10 outdoor camping gear to buy online. Share this post, if you like. Comment below if you have any questions.

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