How to Arrange Placement Drive for PMKVY students

How to Arrange Placement Drive for PMKVY students?

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Making people employable is the goal of PMKVY and as a PMKVY training centre spoc its our duty to make it possible. India has huge job vacancies and its is easy to establish a strategic partnership with organizations which hire front line candidates in large numbers every year. pmkvy training centreWe don’t require to arrange placement opportunities to Engineers or Doctors. Most of the PMKVY job roles are basic which is meant for unemployed youth/ Drop outs. Believe me, there is no proper channel available in India to recruit skilled candidates. There are 1000+ PMKVY centres across India and we can become a strong recruiting channel for potential employers.

Why companies should recruit PMKVY certified students?

We as a PMKVY training centre offer skill training to the youth and companies require skilled manpower. Many companies are spending time and money for recruiting their employees. Our association with them could give an opportunity for companies to get skilled manpower without investing a single penny. Another important factor is, if companies recruit PMKVY certified students then they could save time which they used to invest for training a fresh employee. 

Steps to Organize placement drive for PMKVY students

First step:

Create an introduction letter in your centre’s letter pad to introduce your company to the potential recruiter. Include information like what is PMKVY and which training your centre is offering, Who is your official training partner, your centre’s track record in skill training, Your interest in having association with the company etc. Click here to download a sample format.Placement drive for pmkvy 2.0

Second Step:

Identifying the recruiter was an important factor in arranging placement drive for PMKVY students. For an example, let us consider your centre has 30 PMKVY certified students for Sales associate job roles. Just think, where the candidates can execute their learnt skill. You can target shopping malls, big textile showrooms etc. 

Third Step:

Approach the HR Manager professionally with the introduction letter and tell them the advantages that they have while recruiting PMKVY certified students. The minimum batch size of any PMKVY job role is 30 so the recruiter has the minimum possibility to interview 30 students in a single slot. If you have more than 30 certified students then invite the recruiter to your centre’s and conduct a Placement Drive for PMKVY students.  

Advantage for PMKVY training centre in doing placement work

In general, NSDC and Skill Ministry are spending huge in creating awareness regarding PMKVY and still the idea of PMKVY is not clear with many unemployed youth. If you can place at least 10 students off 30 then you centre is going to get free marketing via words of mouth which is a very powerful tool in marketing. We can make PMKVY more popular by offering placements. Good placement record could boost your centre’s reputation. 

Apart from that, every good official training partner of NSDC has a separate dedicated officer for Placement activities. Having a frequent contact with the placement team of your official training partner could help you to get PAN India vacancies update. 

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