Roles and Responsibilities of PMKVY Training Centre

Roles and Responsibilities of PMKVY Training Centre

First, let us discuss general PMKVY guidelines to know the basic Roles and Responsibilities of PMKVY Training Centre. You can check my previous post for requirements of PMKVY training centre. I have an experience of guiding more than 20+ centres successfully in PMKVY program.

Day by day, PMKVY becomes stronger and popular government projects in India. It keeps a keen eye on Training partners and its franchisee centres to ensure good quality training for students. Skilling India is a serious thing and if you wish to seek a loophole you will be fired at any moment. Centres which are participating or about to participate in this scheme should adhere to the following PMKVY guidelines. pmkvy guidelines

    1. Most important element to be followed all time (During active and non active period) is branding. PMKVY poster and banners should be displayed across your centre (front side and in each rooms of your centre).
    2. Training centres should strictly adhere to National Occupational Standards in providing training. This includes curriculum, course duration, Maintaining attendance records, delivering book materials etc.
    3. Mobilization of students shall be done in a well planned manner before announcement of pmkvy registration/allotment by your training partner. This can avoid loosing an allotment as it is the only surprise element for training centres so far.
    4. Regarding attendance records, you should get sign from each and every student who’re present for training session. NSDC may sent inspection agencies to check the process and this will revoke your affiliation status if you forget to adapt it.
    5. Training centre was responsible to complete all documentation process asap. Documentation process may include lot of form filling like Admission form, Enrollment letter, Obligation form, Debit mandate form (In case, if the student is studying in credit), Submission of Aadhar card copy, mark sheet copy, etc.
    6. Practical way of teaching is very important. Also, most of the SSC is asking TP to submit photos and videos of training session. So it is the responsibility of centre to share photos and videos on daily basis to their official training partner.
    7. You should conduct mock tests often as instructed by your TP to ensure students understanding level. Please click here for PMKVY free online mock assessment. This will help the students to clear PMKVY assessment.
    8. The goal of PMKVY is to make students employable. So arranging job placements by conduction job mela or motivating them to be self-employed is very important. Check out my next post to know how to arrange placement drive for PMKVY students.

Friends, beware of fake training partners. Check their legitimacy at If you need any assistance in choosing the right training partner then you’re welcome to contact me by writing to [email protected] 

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This article is not endorsed by PMKVY/NSDC. It is written based on self experience for the goodwill of pmkvy training centres. For any questions or feedback, you’re welcome to contact me by writing to [email protected] or simply by commenting below.

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    Above article is very informative for centre responsibility it use to convert pmkvy centre registration in India.


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