How to get a credit card on the same day

How to get a credit card on the same day

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Actually, this incident happened a year ago, when I desperately need a credit card to make an online payment. The website I suppose to make payment is not accepting my debit cards. At that time I don’t have a credit card. So I surfed the internet for more than 4 hours to check the fastest possible ways to get a credit card. But later I understood that there is no shortcut to get a credit card in the single day. Surprisingly, my cousin gave this brilliant idea “How to get a credit card on the same day” not only on the same day but that too in few minutes.  He told me to create a virtual card for the immediate payment which works like a credit card. Actually, I’m having a savings account in SBI and SBI offers virtual card which is very similar to a credit card but the problem is we cannot use it offline on shopping center pos. Getting Virtual card is as easy as recharging your mobile. The requirements are simple, you should have

  1. A savings account in SBI
  2. Access to your internet banking account
  3. Last but not least, Sufficient funds in your savings account.

First, login to your SBI internet banking account.)

steps to get credit card on a same day

At top, you could see an option called e-cards. Go to e-cards you could see a page like

get a credit card on the same day
Get a credit card on the same day

Just, fix the virtual card limit and click generate. You will be redirected to a confirmation page.

increase credit card limit

 Now click on generate. Your virtual card is ready. It has a card number, expiry date, CVV number similar to a credit card. Applying for a credit card and waiting for weeks/month is over now. For an emergency online transactions, you can rely on virtual cards now. Now let us see the advantages of SBI virtual card.
  1. The Minimum limit is Rs 100 and Maximum is Rs 50000.
  2. You can spend money as you wish and remaining funds will be credited to your SB account automatically.
  3. This card is valid for a single transaction or for 48 hours whichever is earlier. You can also cancel a card.
  4. There is no restriction in generating a number of cards per day.
  5. Another great advantage is there are no fees. It’s free.

The main drawback was this virtual cards cannot be used for international transactions.

In a nutshell, Virtual cards can be an alternative tool to credit card, which can be used for doing online payments where visa payment is accepted. You can’t get a credit card on the same day but by generating a virtual card we can satisfy our short time needs. Please share this article “How to get a credit card on the same” if you like. Comment below if you have new ideas to get a credit card on the same day.

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