Getting ISBN registration in India is possible as we can apply ISBN number online.

isbn registrationAn online portal for registration and allotment of International Standard Book Number has been launched by RAJA RAM MOHUN ROY NATIONAL AGENCY. This online portal will help publishers from different parts of the nation to get registration done easily and will save their time.

How to get an isbn number for my book?APPLY ISBN NUMBER ONLINE

Earlier to apply for ISBN we have to fill and courier the application form with necessary documents to the agency. Now it is very simple you can visit and apply ISBN number online on ISBN portal. You can upload required documents in jpg or pdf format.

Who can apply ISBN online?

Research organizations, Publishers as well as self published authors can register for ISBN online. Also, as per the latest update the agency is about to release a mobile app in the regional languages to reach out to more and more publishers and authors across the country.

How much does it cost for ISBN Registration in India?

ZERO. There is no fee for ISBN in India, while other countries like UK and US, publishers need to pay a huge money for its registration. We no need to spend a single Rupee for getting International Standard Book Number.

Requirements for online registration:

  1. Current account bank statement
  2. Proof of organization/Self

In nutshell, I hope the newer system will be faster and time saving one. Please check out my next post for ISBN step by step online registration. Having questions/doubts?  Please comment below.

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