Best Alternative of Godaddy and Bigrock

Best Alternative of Godaddy and Bigrock

Hi folks,

In India, most of us prefer Godaddy or Bigrock for domain registration, dedicated hosting needs. They’re are giants and i’m not writing this article to criticize them. The main goal of this article is to express my favorite hosting provider “AapkaWeb” whom i called as the Best Alternative of Godaddy and Bigrock

Customer Support:

Support wise Aapkaweb team has made me to feel exultant. Godaddy has 24×7 phone support while Aapka web has 24X7 live chat support. I’m a regular user of godaddy and most of the time I used to wait for 5-10 minutes to reach the customer care executives. In case of Aapkaweb they have 24X7 live chat and they address to issues promptly without much  latency. Here time and money are the 2 factors. Aapkaweb responds faster and the cost of raising issue is negligible while comparing to the money we are spending for phone to reach godaddy executives. Again I can recommend them as the Best Alternative of Godaddy and Bigrock.


Aapkaweb’s pricing was very affordable while comparing to the market gaints. I don’t have any knowledge to create a website and at the same time I cannot hire a designer to create my desired website.Best Alternative of Godaddy and Bigrock  So I opt for godaddy website builder and created my first website. Days passed and it is time to renew the products purchased with godaddy. The renewal fee was 10 times greater than the initial amount. At that point, I decided to seek for an alternative service provider and I found Aapkaweb.  Aapkaweb has offered me to host 10 websites for the same price which I used to spend with Godaddy to host a single website along with website builder. That was really awesome. They taught me how to create a website using wordpress and made me to create my own website at zero designing cost. This specially made me to recommend aapkaweb as the Best Alternative of Godaddy and Bigrock

Product quality:

I would rate 5/5 star for their best web hosting service . I’m using their product for more than a year and till now, I didn’t face any downtime issues.

In a nutshell:

As mentioned earlier, Aapkaweb become my favorite service provider for my entire online needs. I would recommend them as the Best Alternative of Godaddy and Bigrock and I’m sure they will satisfy your entire web hosting needs. If you experience anything with Aapkaweb before, then, I would request you to share your comments below.

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  • September 8, 2016 at 12:41 am

    i haven’t tried aap ka web but the plans seems to be good


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