How to Spend money from Fixed deposits with out losing interest

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In this post I’m going to let you know that how to spend money from your fixed deposits with out losing the interest.

Have you ever heard about SBI Advantage Plus credit card? (Don’t panic by seeing “Credit card” it is not going to harm you)

Okay, Now most of the credit card providers are issuing credit cards against a fixed deposits. If you have invested some money in fixed deposit then trust me you should get a credit card. The main advantage is that the card issuer allow 70-80% of the FD as the credit limit. For example if you have invested INR 100000 in Fixed deposit and you’re applying credit card against it then you can get your credit card limit as INR 70000. There by you can use your money invested in fixed deposits in the form of credit card at any time and any where. But don’t forget the credit period varies from 20-50 days you should pay the bill in time.

Hence you can earn Interest for your FD as well as you can use the invested money for day to day expenses.

Thankfully now most of the card issuers allow us to apply online for credit card so apply immediately. 

How was the money saving tips? good right?

If you don’t have a fixed deposit then check available fixed deposit schemes with your bank or use fd calculator and choose the one which gives best fixed deposit rates.

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