How to earn faster using swagbucks

First, I want to make things clear that earning money online is not so easy. It requires some time. Don’t feel bad, I meant to say that just 2-10 minutes a day in swagbuck can at least help you to pay your internet bill. I’m a regular user of swagbucks and this is the only place in internet where you can earn money as easy as possible.

Steps to follow to earn faster

  1. Visit swagbucks daily and answer daily poll. By doing so you can get 1 SB/day. So now calculate 1SB x 30 days = 30 SB
  2. Don’t forget to check out gold surveys daily. If you qualified for any survey then you can earn 60-300SB (Based on survey length) and if you didn’t qualify you can get 1 SB. We can get  at least 5-10 gold survey’s per month. Hence we can expect 5-65 SB/ Month. If you’re luck you can earn more than 700 SB in a month.
  3. Always use Swagbucks search engine. Surprisingly we can get 2 to 15 SB a day. Now calculate 2*30=60
  4. Minimum you can earn 150 SB points easily. (30SB for daily polls+ 60SB for Gold survey+60SB for using search engine).

Join swagbucks now and start earning.



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