EAFPIS (Educational Aid For Poor Indian Students) is an educational aid given to poor Indian students by the writing team of Alagu Rajeshwaran. This is awarded annually. Certain percentage of the profit in their writing is donated towards the education of the poor.



  1. The applicant should be an Indian Citizen
  2. His average marks in his 10th and 12th exam should not be less than 60%
  3. Students who completed or pursuing 10th standard are eligible.

Aid Value:

The Aid value varies from INR 500 to 5000. The Number of awards will be released soon.The committee has the right to cancel the application if it is not found suitable.


Screening Process:

Your application will be  processed by our team led by Mr. Muthu Raman. The team will focus on six categories mentioned in the procedure below.


Processing Time:

The status of your application will be intimated within 90 days.



Students who are willing to apply for the aid should send their application to the author’s mail Id by completing the below 6 sections.

Note: Mention “ EAFPIS Aid” in subject line.

A] Write an essay in Ms word about the following for not less than 400 words (In English).

  1. Economic background
  2. Need for the aid
  3. Ambition

B] Scanned copy of Student/ College Id card.

C] Scanned copy of Address proof.

D] Scanned copy of passport size photo.

E] Scanned copy of the Bill of the author’s book while purchasing. (Optional)

F] Scanned copy of 10th and 12th mark sheet if applicable.

Complete the above sections and send it to contact@alagurajeshwaran.com



In case of doubts whom shall i contact?

You can contact the Aid Head, Mr.M.Muthu Raman by writing a mail to eafpis@alagurajeshwaran.com

What is the value of the aid?

The value of the aid is decided by the screening committee.

What is the deadline for receiving application?

The deadline June 6th of every year.

When the results are published?

The results are published on September 4th of every year.

Where the results are published?

You can see the results at www.alagurajeshwaran.blogspot.in

Whether I can re apply for the aid?

No, You should not re apply again even if your application is rejected before.

What happens if my application is declined?

If your application is declined then all your information will be  purged immediately.

Is the aid is based on reservation?

No reservation is considered for the aid. The best applicant will be awarded.

How i will receive the aid?

Through demand draft in the name of your educational institution.

I don’t have my 10th marksheet as i’m pursuing it. So how can i apply?

Get a letter from your college principal by attaching the photocopy of your previous report card. School seal and signature of the principal is must. Click Here to download the letter format.