Why I have to Buy Lyf Mobile over other smartphones

Why I have to Buy Lyf Mobile?

Its a good question to ask. Currently, Reliance Lyf mobile was rated as the 3rd largest selling mobile brand in India with a market share of 12.6%. Why I have to Buy Lyf MobileNo wonder, this success was due to its huge distribution channel of 3,245 stores, including 1,748 stores under Digital Express, Reliance Digital and Digital Express Mini brands. Also, it is available online at Amazon and Flipkart. Okay, why I have to buy it? 1) Reliability 2) Trust 3) Free Jio services for three month. The Flame series (3, 4, 5, 6) was priced at 2999 which comes with 3 month Jio services for free. Apart from that Flame is powered with 4G facility. Imagine 4G for just Rs 2999 3 months Jio services, feeling awesome right?. Lets talk about processor now. The recently launched 4 models of Flame has Quad core 1.5GHz processor so power packed performance is guaranteed.

Apart from these reason, I would like to revive my earlier post “Guide to Modern Swadeshi Movement 2016” which focus of using Indian Products.

How Big the Reliance LYF Mobile Brand?

As of 08/07/2016 Reliance LYF has 29 mobile phone models in 4 categories. This seems to be the biggest ever startup company in the country to have more number of models. As on April, 2016 15 models has been launched. Till now 1.5 million devices has been sold out. I have listed all the models as on date so that you can buy/check out at a single place.

LYF Flame Mobile Phone Series (Click the model name to purchase/ to read the Full specification, review)- premium range of VoLTE mobile phones

LYF Flame 1LYF Flame 2LYF Flame 3LYF Flame 4LYF Flame 5LYF Flame 6, Flame 7, Flame 8, Flame 9.

LYF Water Mobile Phone Series

LYF Water 1LYF Water 2, Water 3, Water 4, LYF Water 5, Water 6, Water 7, Water 8, Water 9

LYF Earth Mobile Phone Series

LYF Earth 1, LYF Earth 2

LYF Wind Mobile Phone Series

LYF Wind 1LYF Wind 2LYF Wind 3LYF WIND 4, Wind 5, LYF Wind 6, Wind 7, Wind 8, Wind 9

What is the current Lyf Mobile price?

The Price ranges from Rs 2999 to Rs 19999.

Which online store should I prefer to buy Lyf Mobile phone?

Either Amazon or Flipkart

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